Everything You Need to Raise Your Seed Round So You Can Scale Up Your Startup

Created and explained by a former VC investor


Founding a startup is tough, especially without capital... But if you raise a seed round, you get more security and can scale faster. You can consistently pay yourself and completely focus on creating a startup to disrupt your market! 


Yet, fundraising is frustrating, especially when it’s your first time… How do you get in touch with the right investors? What are investors looking for when they make a decision? What should you even say and do to convince an investor?


But lucky for you, you’re not alone on this journey! As a former investor, my knowledge will help you to close your seed round. With my framework, you’ll get in touch with the right investors, and you’ll say the right things to convince them to invest in your startup!

All my templates, scripts and cheat sheets you need to raise your seed round and scale your startup:

  • Metrics

    The metrics that the investors want to see for each type of startup (app, marketplace, e-commerce, saas) and how you get the metrics to work in your favor. 


    The Google Sheet Metrics Template will save you lots of time, since you only need to insert your raw data, and the formulas will do the job for you!

  • Financial Plan

    Quickly create your financial plan and cash flow projections with the Google Sheet Template, complete with all the neccessary formulas.


    Feel complete confidence that your financial plan is compliant with the current VC standards

  • Market Sizing

    There are many ways to estimate the size of your market. But investors always use the same method. With the Google Sheet Market Size Template, it will only take you minutes to estimate the size of your market

    No investors will ever say no to your startup because of a "too small market".


  • Valuation

    With this captable simulation template you will find out the valuation that is correct for your startup.


    This section also contains the script to negociate your startup's valuation. These files could potentially double your valuation

  • Investor Meeting

    The investor meetings are the hardest part of the investment process... You need to appear humble and down to earth, but at the same time confident and ambitious. 


    Thanks to these scripts and videos of mock meetings, you will know exactly what to say to excite the investor!


  • Investor Introductions

    Find out how to get in touch with your dream investors, even if you have no investors in your current network. 


    When you put these scripts and templates to work, you'll be introduced to lots of investors in no time!

...And more! All these files are already waiting for you inside The Investment Package.

"My investment in Melinda's services yielded amazing returns immediately. The content in the Investment Package is perfectly balanced and up-to-date, saving me countless hours and honing in my focus on the right parts of the pitch. I'm convinced that the package combined with her personal coaching will help me raise the optimal round size from the right investors, in far less time than I could by myself."

Nima Samimi​

Co-founder AlexisHR

“Hands down the best of its kind. I've been in some startups and I've never before seen such a practical approach to this part of an entrepreneurs life.”

Per Hjaldahl

Founder of Sportpengen

“This is great content that every startup founder should look at!”

Thor Sigurdsson

Founder of Expluria

Frequently Asked Questions

I want to raise my seed round in about 6-12 months, is there any idea to get the Investment Package already? 

Yes, definitely. Investors want to start creating a relationship with founders a long time before they need to close the investment round. I recommend founders to get this package up to a year before they would like to close to maximize their chances of getting that investment. 


Is there even an idea to talk to investors now because of the Corona crisis?

Yes, it is definitely a good idea, most VCs and angels keep on investing even during a crisis. These are investors who have a longterm perspective. The only difference is that many of them slow down and become even more selective. Which makes it even more important to know exactly how to present your startup so they say yes.  


How do I get access to the files of the package? 

When you’ve signed up for the Investment Package, you will receive the access codes to the Investment Portal by email. In the portal, you find all the files sorted into sections. All files are in pdf format, Google Sheets, Google Docs or Google Slides. 


In the portal, you also have videos that explain all the files more in detail so you can get the maximum value out of the package. You will have lifetime access to the portal, where the files will be continuously updated to reflect any changes in the market that may happen in the future. 


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